For Students & Alumni

I am instituting a new system to manage correspondence in order to reduce volume of email and respond in a timely way. Please use the following resources to schedule meetings in office hours and make other requests. Thank you!

For University of Michigan students

I look forward to meeting with you. My office hours are on Fridays from 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM, in 15 minute slots by appointment. Please make a booking below (a new page will open to; login with your UMID).

Office Hours Sign Up

For current students enrolled in my classes

Instead of emailing, please send me a message on Slack (coming soon) about course-related questions, which will ensure your email doesn’t migrate south in my inbox.

Check the syllabus on Canvas for information regarding class details, extensions, or course policies.

For Ford School alumni

I’m happy to provide references or recommendation letters for former students. Please complete the form below, and I will contact you if I have follow-up questions or concerns.

Reference / Recommendation Request