Curriculum Vitae (updated January 2018)

Research interests

My current research interests include the following topics:

  • How private philanthropic foundations shape the politics of K-12 education through strategic grantmaking and advocacy
  • The influence of market-based values and entrepreneurialism in public education, especially as manifested in the charter school movement
  • The effects of elite institutions on social change initiatives, including contemporary efforts to more centrally engage impacted communities and address power dynamics, wealth and race within organizing coalitions

I am the author of Policy Patrons: Philanthropy, Education Reform and the Politics of Influence (Harvard Education Press, 2016) and co-author, with Sarah Reckhow of Michigan State University, of Value Added: How Evaluating Teachers Became A “Big Idea” (University of Chicago Press, under contract).

For more information about Policy Patrons, see my March 2017 Ford School book talk, available here.

Downloadable publications are available below:

Teaching interests

I am passionate about working with students through teaching, experiential learning, and mentorship, and have taught undergraduates and graduates at the Ford School since 2011.

My teaching portfolio includes courses on qualitative research methods, public and nonprofit management, the values and ethics of public policy, and the role of philanthropy in public policy.


I’m a proud #academicmama to two daughters with my husband, Kevin Stange.

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